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I almost never braid my hair. It’s not out of a faithful observance of 1 Timothy, as I often feel that in a society like hours it’s minimalism that stands out as vanity (because you are claiming the moral high ground of “not obsessing with such things”), but out of the fact I’m just not good at it. So it was a strange feeling to have half of my hair professionally braided by a beautiful redhead from The Braid Bar, while the other half was given a round of curling iron.

My baby brother patiently waited around carrying all my goodie bags, but I’ve organised him a surprise party at the Aqua on the Shard for his 22nd birthday so he kinda owed me some extra love. We had a decent Pinot Grigio and had to fight for a table, with music that isn’t really my thing, but the dark atmosphere has its appeal and of course the view was amazing and allowed us a cheeky Harvey Specter style photoshoot (if you have never watch Suits, go, now) so it’s a place you have to go to at least once.

I was daunted by the event itself, as it was like Marketing Live Week but for beauty bloggers and while I can hold a conversation about data analysis despite it not being my forte I have no clue how to handle talks of my beauty regime (clue: I have none).

I have received the most amazing massage courtesy of Shared Beauty Secrets (much needed after the essay deadline last week!) and had a chance to try products from Bravura, Amie and Monu as well as an amazing soft drink called Zeo. They’re all natural skincare and so far nothing to complain about despite being blessed with the most delicate skin ever.

I’ve also been given by Lab2 a set of brushes and sponges to up my make-up game which I popped into my luggage for Worth Abbey, and a huge bag of paraben-free products for curly and wavy hair from The Curl Company that resurrected my deflated Serena Van der Woodsen-style locks from the first use. I’m looking forward to keep using them (they are full size! How generous).

However, being the interior decor junkie and flower lover that I am, my absolute favourite is the Soirée room cologne by Kenneth Turner. I can’t get enough of it.

Being around TV stars and beauty bloggers for a day has made me think about how taking care of myself isn’t much on my agenda, and the reason is more often laziness or excessive business than dedicating myself to less superficial endeavours. I’m classy and stylish enough to get away with it, and looking sufficiently put together (unless you look carefully at the perennially frizzy mess that is supposed to be my glory), but if I’m supposed to treat my body like a temple and try to find a husband well, said husband needs to be a very understanding person who can deal with the crazy deadline panic look every 3 months.

Knowing that my skin reacts to everything I am always weary of buying beauty products: they always end up thrown away unused because they make my skin go red, so I’m grateful to the Bloggers Hangout for providing the incentive to take better care of myself with all these gifts. Here’s to making it through exam seasons without looking like Madam Mim at the end!

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