April Blogging Challenge 2017

Hello from Sunny Croydon. where your favourite Catholic It Girl is currently working from an outdoors table at a newly gentrified Whetherspoon (they have avocado bagels on the breakfast menu!) because she was too lazy to walk all the way to Croydon’s best independent coffee shop.
This blog post will be a little different from my usual (and, if you’ve read the latest one, much shorter, although anything is much shorter than that).

I’m just going to introduce you to the April Blogging Challenge I’m doing with the ladies behind According to Rory and Rustically Rebellious Captions. We’ll be blogging each Monday, Wednesday and Friday on topics chosen by each of us once a week (my day is Monday). This means the month of April will se a slight change of schedule for the Catholic 101 series, which will be the Easter Special anyway.

This challenge is a bit random as it doesn’t have a specific overarching theme: it’s a way for us to get to know each other and new audiences through each other, as well as our audiences to get to know sides of you that they may not have seen before. It’s also a challenge to be creative within the constraints of someone else choosing a title for you, and to keep a routine which is you know me, you know is not exactly my greatest strength.

I’ve decided to join in this challenge because I’ve just come out of my busiest period at university: essays due on the 21st of March, then last classes and finishing my dissertation so what’s left is editing and adding the introduction and conclusion before the printer is overwhelmed with last minute dissertations. I will also be focusing on revision and building my start-up, so it’s going to provide an outlet for me to do something a bit more fun.

I touched already on why I blog, and basically it all comes down to one thing, connecting people through what I know I do best. I love to have an outlet to share about the things I love, be it Jesus or the latest hot spot in town. I love reading blogs because you discover new things, and also get to know people on a different level when they pour out their thoughts on a page in an authentic way.

Luckily for me, I was able to team up with two kindred spirits to do this. We all run on too much caffeine, apparently, and also share candidness in speaking our minds and the tendency to use blogging for accountability (they are doing a health challenge throughout the month too.)
I hope you will have fun following me along this challenge, as well as checking out the

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