5 things I would take with me on a desert island (#ABC17)

If this is your first time here, first of all welcome…this month I’m taking part in a blogging challenge, during which twice a week I blog about a topic chosen by someone else and once a week it’s my turn to choose, so the topic are a bit random and we aim to get to know each other and you in the comments a bit better, so feel free to jump in.

Rory has already posted hers, confessing that she asked whether we would qualify to go. I will move from the assumption that a desert island means no people, so I will forbid myself from taking humans, including priests. My hope is that were it not a hypothetical scenario we would all be shipwrecking on the same island, including a missionary ship, anyway (please God also make them travelling with some young single lay people so we can also think about the sacrament of marriage and populating the colony and turning it into some version of Utopia).

However, the list below is predicated on the assumption that I will be alone trying to survive, and also that there aren’t venomous snakes on the island, nor insects that make sleeping nets necessary. It’s a hypothetical scenario right? The point of it is to look at what we consider our basic needs, not thinking ahead of all the bad things that can possibly go wrong (thanks Mother). Obviously I’m also cheating by expecting I will shipwreck dressed in a nice kaftan, including sunnies and maybe a sun hat.

* A case of books including a Bible and the Junior Woodchucks Guidebook(*). Someone needs to think about both surviving and what happens next if you don’t. The case also doubles as somewhere to sit.

* A warm blanket. It also doubles as a fishing net if the weather is warm enough to dry it before bed time. Like I mean, if you’re on a desert island would you want to be in the hot seas or miles off the coast of Scotland? Hypothetical, I don’t think there is a desert island in Scotland and anyway as much as I love Scotland I’m going to go to the tropics and hope I avoid freezing to death at night.

* An easy to clean, multi-use pot so I can make food and boil water to remove as much salt as possible to drink it. I assume there is no water source anywhere and I’m too scared to go anywhere far from my new beach house because it obviously makes sense that you are less scared in an open space than of the unknown, right? Am I really that irrational?

* A bottle to store the water. Maybe it should be a bottle of wine of the new screwable type so it’s glass, easy to close, and I can drown my sorrows at being stranded on an island before I face up to the reality that I’m on a desert island having to kill my own fish.

* A roll of Clas Ohlsen professional tape because that thing holds together literally everything. No I mean seriously, I have lost my screws in the IKEA desk chair and I taped it with it because that’s what I do with DIY, I tape stuff, and the chair is still holding together despite me getting on it to get my clothes out of the closet!

(*)The Junior Woodchucks Guidebook was actually published by the Italian book publisher Mondadori. 

After writing my list I went to read the rest of Rory’s post to clear my mind of mine as much as possible, so I could edit it and try to spot most typos etc (our brains are conditioned to read what you think it should read not what it actually says).
I think I’m definitely living up to the Tree Viper stereotype (OK, stop there, I’m sorry for the spoiler, but seriously you can’t open that post and not guess who is the tree viper the moment she said there is a tree viper). I’m not sure how to take the fact that I’m a venomous being when I think of myself as being innocent and cute. Not that I don’t find snakes cute, I mean, they are adorbs. Actually I think I find animals the cutest when they are dangerous animals. I’ve always wanted a lion as a pet like in the Addams Family. Maybe the fact I’m blonde and innocent-looking is misguiding. Mother would agree.
Anyway I’m not so sure about the cleverest one bit, maybe I need the sleeping net after all. What about the mosquitos? Gosh, I can’t even answer a hypothetical question straight. My brain just needs to stop competing at the overthinking Olympics. Come home with the gold medal and retire, please.

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