If you could travel anywhere in the world… (#ABC17)

It’s Wednesday, so Amanda is the one choosing the topic for the April Blogging Challenge, and she left us with this question: “If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?”
I could be all holy and say I would go to the Holy Land (see what I did there?), but the honest hand-on-heart reply to this question is Middle Earth (aka New Zealand).

It’s not just because I am a big Tolkien fan, and that’s where the films were shot although that’s a valid reason in itself. I like that it’s very green. My dream honeymoon destination has for at least the past 10 years been Milford Sound, where it rains a lot (but if I’m married I can have sex so I don’t care if I can’t leave the room much…) and it’s so deep emerald green with a lot of water and it’s just absolutely gorgeous and probably very relaxing too. It’s the most famous touristic destination in the country, and Kipling called it the 8th marvel of the world for a reason. The waterfalls are stunning.
The fiords would be great for a cruise, and animals are to be found both in water and in the air which is always a plus with me. It just looks stunning and incredibly romantic, so it’s fitting for a honeymoon.

Then there is the rest of the country which is still quite exciting, although not necessarily for a romantic journey only (truth be told, if I’m old and/or about to die I’m going to visit Milford Sound even as a spinster). I am absolutely excited at the idea of trying the food, especially anything of Maori origin. I’m really curious about their culture, and seeing places like Lake Taupo would be great. It’s very different from Milford Sound but it’s quite beautiful.

I would probably spend some time exploring the main cities too, but I’m mostly choosing it because of its nature. It just looks so much like I expect the Garden of Eden looked like. And they make wine, although as a rule I only drink European wines I’m sure I can make an exception for local wine in a foreign land.

As far as cities go, Wellington is probably the one I find the most interesting in terms of culture and things to do, and it’s also probably the closest airport to Milford Sound so should I ever be married and going on honeymoon then it would be a good stop on the way. Visiting the museum Te Papa would be my priority while there, although I love botanic gardens and planetariums and the idea of getting to the latter with a cable car, and also just wandering around cities, getting lost and having food in small unknown places.

Another great reason to go to New Zealand is, really, going to the seaside. The Abel Tasman National Park is full of gorgeous beaches, but it’s not the only place. The whole country is basically a gorgeous beach. I could never live in New Zealand, I think, but I absolutely love it, and would have no doubt in picking it as my one destination where I absolutely want to go.

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