If I could have a pet… (#ABC17)

Second last topic in our April Blogging Challenge (where did time fly?). If you have known me for a long time you might know my list of potential pets goes beyond cat vs dog, in fact I’d love a fox, a vulture, a horse, a bunch of guinea pigs and, then, a dog. However, the original question was whether we wanted a cat or dog, which breed and why.

So, if I had to pick only one breed of dog it’d probably be an American Foxhound. They are lovely, a bit plumper than the English counterpart, but they still look great in the context of a walk in the countryside when I no longer feel like I have to commute into London a lot so I can move to a nice big house in the actual south of the borough and take the dog out for a walk in the Happy Valley and all the nice daydreaming about motherhood and apple pie that come with it.

I used to be a kind of absolutely never a cat person, but I have become less militant about that after living with a cat for a year, and one of them was actually very sweet. I’m still more of a dog person, not just because they are more loyal and less of an evil mastermind, but mostly because they can be taken outdoors to play and I like to be in parks. American Foxhounds are a high energy breed, so there would be a lot of running around (this is why I should also have Wellington the horse too, so I can ride alongside my dog).

American Foxhounds themselves have a musical bark and a very docile temperament, while they are also very independent and tend to follow any alluring smell, and need to be trained in obedience for that reason, but they are stubborn creatures. They are said to be gentle, easygoing, and that they get along with children and other animals, but act shy and reserved around strangers, so I guess I can see myself in dog form in them. I even took a test on the American Kennel Club website and goodness, I think my mother would prefer to have the hound as daughter as they are exactly like me, except a bit better. So yeah, we are a match made in heaven. I’m a human American Foxhound. They need to socialise from when they’re tiny or if they are raised with their pack they become difficult when older, so that means I have to get a puppy and see him grow. This goes a bit against my desire to give a home to a shelter dog, unless they happen to have an abandoned mother with puppies or something. It’s a rare breed tho, which makes me sad because they are so amazing.

The breed has also an interesting history that goes back to the good old days when America was a Crown territory. The breed stemmed from imported English Foxhounds in the 1650s, and then mixed with French ones in the 18th century. George Washington owned 36 of them! Isn’t that great?

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