Two Weeks Open Letter Challenge – Day 7: to your first love

For the two weeks until the election I will be posting an open letter every day using the prompts from CAPTAINEVERLAND to provide something nice at a time of heightened conflict and division.

Dear Robin Hood,
Growing up, I have realised that you had more faces of that of a fox, although to this day I love foxes (there was one with a baby fox in my back garden this morning! *___*).
Still, I don’t really care for your many faces, although most are quite pleasant if I’m honest. You weren’t my first love because of your looks (I mean, you were a fox!), but because of your character.
You were the brave and honourable outlaw standing up for the poor people of Nottingham who were abused by a tyrannical government seeking to pursue its own ends, taxing them into extreme poverty and then throwing them in jail when they couldn’t pay. You’ve jump-started my love of small government and low taxation as a toddler.
I’ve never been one for respecting authority for the sake of it. Authority needs to earn such respect. It’s important not to go the other way, too: authority should be respected if it’s not tyranny. Otherwise, you have tyranny of another kind. But you, Robin, were an example of that: you were not against the monarchy, just Prince John the usurper. You were a loyal subject of King Richard while he was on the crusade, and were fighting by the means necessary for his people. You did not choose by which means to fight: you were an outlaw because you did not compromise your values and righteousness to comply with a system that made you an outcast. You were a popular hero because the people knew the system was unjust.
Your drive for justice was equal to your romanticism: yearning for years for Maid Marian, risking your life to see her at the archery tournament. You marry her in the end, with the blessings of the king who welcomes you back into the right order of society, while the usurper and his accomplishes are punished accordingly.
In hindsight, this might look very much Disney sweetness and naivety. Sometimes it’s easy to be really cynical and think it’s the bad guys who always win in the end, and if you stick to being one of the good guys you’ll always end up last. Still, I’ve never been able, growing up, to shake away your example of standing up for what you believed it’s right. I’m writing this letter to my first love, but to be honest I wonder how much I want to find someone like you and how much it was that I want to be like you. Maybe both. I definitely like people who love low taxes but also have a heart for the poor.
Nobody can ever be like you, tho.

Your biggest fan,


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