Two Weeks Open Letter Challenge – Day 12: To Your Parents

For the two weeks until the election I will be posting an open letter every day using the prompts from CAPTAINEVERLAND to provide something nice at a time of heightened conflict and division.

The picture may or may not be an accurate representation of the subject of today’s blog post.

Dear Genitore and Genitrice,
How are you? This is an entirely stupid question to ask, as I’ve just asked Mother and she already answered it, but I guess it still counts since I didn’t ask Father and it was asked in the second person singular so Mother won’t have reported it.
It’s sunny here. It’s a shame my faculty does the graduation ceremonies in November, the weather would have been so much nicer in the summer. Although it’s probably too hot and you don’t really like sightseeing in 30 degrees. Nor do I. Apple, tree, etc.
Still November is a pretty grim time to be playing the tourist in London, do Birkbeck think of the families of foreign students having to fly over for the graduation? Couldn’t they do them in September?
Still, I hope you are not too shocked that I am graduating. I mean, I would have had to really screw up the exams, but I showed up and wrote about 5 pages of possibly not entirely off the mark drivel so I should pass them and therefore graduate. So I hope Mother can travel, since no one was there when I graduated high school. It’s not that I don’t have friends who would come unlike back then, but it’d be nice not to be always just with friends. And I hope there are things you want to see and all that, like in the good old days when we would go on family holidays. I’ll see if my MP can let us into Parliament for a tour. That’s something Fabio hasn’t seen when he came here before.
Still…I’m graduaaaaating. First of the family with an actual academic degree, and without cheating in one of my courses like some other relatives. How does that feel like? At last proven wrong in your prejudice that I’m very good at starting things, but I never complete any. Take a deep breath, Mother, you might even enjoy being wrong for once. Because you are wrooooong this time. Hurrah.
It’s so good it’s almost as good as the fact itself that I’m graduating and can go on to do post-grad in a discipline I love. I feel accomplished. I hope you are proud of me and will be telling all your friends and colleagues and long lost maiden aunts.
See you in November unless I miraculously get to have a summer holiday this year.



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