Things to do this Advent for a richer spiritual experience

It’s nearly time for Advent, and if you didn’t put your hands on the Blessed is She Advent journal (or you’re not a Catholic woman…), you might be thinking of what you can do to deepen your relationship with Jesus in the upcoming season, as the shops and festive atmosphere all around bombard our brains with stimuli and consumerism. While I am entirely in favour of watching Love Actually too many times, I hope you will find a suggestions here that will prove fruitful to you.

(P.S. If you have the BiS Advent journal and it’s your first one, I hope you enjoy it. Last year it was great).

Bible Reading Plan “Advent: Prepare For The Coming Of The Word”

A plan created by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop available on, to last 23 days. You can read it online or get the verses off the website and read on your printed Bible, and it keeps track of your progress online which is great if you can’t sit and read it in one go but would still like to dwell in Scriptures throughout the day. All the readings are taken from books recognised by the KJV (I checked so you don’t have to), so you don’t have to be Catholic to do this plan.

Advent Rosary Gathering on Twitter

Last call if you are someone who likes to meditate and pray through the Rosary and would like to join a group praying for each other’s intentions and being accountable. As Mary lived through Advent herself at the time of the Incarnation, what better way to get ready than to journey with her?

“A Beauty Full Advent” devotional

I’ve joined this a few days ago and I’m looking forward to it. This 24 days series starting on Friday 1st of December will explore the true meaning of beauty, and comes with a Facebook group because everything these days comes with one. It’s run by the Catholic woman who makes the gorgeous Pink Salt Riot jewellery (please buy me everything 😍). You can sign up here.

Bible Study “O come let us adore him” with Heart of Mary Women’s Fellowship<<<<<<<<<
usly Catholic than the previous option, but coming with a printable study journal, this study starting 4th of December is a good alternative to the Blessed is She one if you have a printer and like the format with a suggested reading, reflection and space to write following a prompt. I might save some trees and see if I can write on the PDF with my new graduation-gift-from-the-infamous-Aunt iPad, which is the best new thing in my life after my boyfriend. Maybe. You can find the journal here.

Arts and Faith Advent Series<<<
nto Ignatian Spirituality, then this series for Advent and resources will be your ideal match. The resources include anything from devotions in your inbox to audio retreats, and of course an Advent Examen. The perfect companion to candles and waking up when it’s still dark if you are someone who likes to be up early or has no choice about it (I’m neither).

The New Emangelization’s Advent Bible Study and Devotional (+ a non-Catholic alternative)<<<
f writing the 2017 one is still a question mark, but I felt it worth a mention for the Catholic men in the audience. Last year’s is still available on the website anyway. For the gents we haven’t yet managed to bring to the fold, also has a devotional (with a counterpart for women, which makes it a beautiful idea for couple as well as yet another resource for women). Sadly the one currently available is, again, last year’s.

Let me know which ones you’re doing and how you’re getting on!

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