5 faith-based podcasts I’m listening to in 2018

The past few weeks have been tough. Fatigue and illness have become the new normal. I spend many nights waking up at 3am and not falling asleep again, and then having 3 hours naps in the afternoon. Productivity is at an all time low, and still I feel depleted of every energy. I am tired just existing, and just about manage to read some stuff because the iPad means I read on a bigger screen than I used to. A real book has me nodding off to sleep within 10 minutes. So, as I try to rest and get better as much as I can while waiting for a Dr to tell me what’s the matter, getting back into podcasts seems like a good idea. I can just stay in bed and listen to things. Here are the titles I have subscribed to after searching for some advice on beloved websites like FemCatholic and the Catholic twitter-sphere.

Thriving in the Trenches (Catholic)

This one is one I have in fact started listening to in 2017 but then lapsed, mostly because the few episodes I was listening to were not something I could related to as a single woman in my late 20s (very little in the Christian podcast-sphere is, to be fair, which is why many said I should have my own podcast, which I never got around to doing…). There are, however, a number of topics which sound less family-oriented so I’m giving it another go.

Upside Down Podcast (Non-Catholic, but one co-host is a Catholic convert)

This one is the one I probably look forward to the most, as the Catholic co-host is one of the Blessed is She writers Shannon Evans, and I love her blog We, A Great Parade. The concept of “Unscripted conversations about life and faith” as well as the ecumenical approach really sound up my sleeves and promising.

The Jennifer Fulwiler Show (Catholic)

This one comes highly recommended, as the host is hailed as having a unique and often surprising perspective and sharp sense of humour. She’s a convert and mother of 6, but hopefully it’s good to listen to even as someone unmarried and childless (I’ll tell you what, I still think of myself as a single woman in many respects because while I am not technically single, I’m not engaged so I’m not thinking of myself as a wife-to-be and the life advice I need is closer to what it was 2 months ago than what I will need when I cross that bridge).

Christian Feminist Weekly (non-Catholic) and The Catholic Feminist (Catholic, obviously)

I’ve bundled these two together because they cover the same approach to life, although one has a narrower outlook as it is specific to one church and the challenges of the Catholic Church are not always the same as other denominations. At the same time we have the consolation of hundreds of badass saints on top of the women of the Bible. Anyone who knows me knows my take on modern feminism and how much I admire those women who still have the willingness, stubbornness and energy to fight our corner in a movement that doesn’t want us. While I have little time for the feminist movement, I have a lot of time for strong female voices in the Church and a true understanding of womanhood so while they use the F-word about themselves and I don’t, they are on my list of things to listen to.

Bonus: Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships

This is a technically 6th podcast, but since it comes in only 10 episodes of 20 minutes on average from 2012-2013 I felt that it wouldn’t qualify as something to listen to in 2018. However, as relationships are all around us, be they romantic or otherwise, and me being historically bad at them, it seemed worth listening to and worth sharing.

Do you have any favourite podcasts to add to this list? I’d love to hear what you listen to in the comments or on Twitter, and what you think of these ones too!

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