My top 10 mistakes since 1989 #LoveBlog2018

Thinking that adulting is a skill that you can be successful at, like having your es-eich-ai-tee together and a Chelsea blow dry that stays put for hours and looking put together in your clothes is actually humanly possible outside of a blogging photoshoot.

Telling my mother what I do with my life,
instead of pretending I’m a call girl, which would be more acceptable to her as it’s a fairly stable income and she wouldn’t dismiss owning my very own Companies House-registered business to working projects until something better comes along.

Telling people I have a boyfriend
. Now every behaviour that I used to have before having a boyfriend (my 2017 New Year’s Resolution was to be better at being in touch with my friends as it was in 2018, and I was very single in 2017!) will be attributed to having a boyfriend when in all likelihood the reason I’m so busy is: a full time PG degree, a business, running for the local elections in a marginal seat, this blog, being ill and napping most day, most days.


Asking why a dog was dressed like a sheep on seeing a poodle for the first time aged 2 or something. My mother still tells that story and the one about the pedestrian crossing to E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E. I was a child and it was over 25 years ago, just move on already!


Publicly identify as a Catholic as a means to give my contribution to the New Evangelisation. It makes crisis of faith difficult, although we have the funniest memes. You kinda feel like a responsibility to be an ambassador, but you also feel pigeonholed and like everything you do will be under scrutiny.


Drink a lot of cheap wine over the years because someone else bought it. I was raised with the idea that you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, so I have accepted drinks bought by other people who were not great and made me physically sick. As it also happens with lager and not with expensive wines or spirits, I put it down to some ingredients that is added in cheap wines as they contain less wine than more expensive bottles. I loathe the idea of looking like I’m taking advantage of other people’s money but…never again!


Pack my luggage too full so I had to leave behind my broken boots instead of bringing them back and fixing the zip to use them, when it’s the end of February and we are due snow instead of near-Spring weather. Also it costs money to go over the weight you paid for when booking.


Always, and I mean ALWAYS, underestimate how long it takes to do something. It’s like my biggest issue in every aspect of my life, from work to studies to personal life. If I give you a time estimate of something, chances are I have entirely missed the mark of the real time that it takes to do things. Which goes back to why I’m a terrible friend who can’t keep up with what she is trying to do in life.


Not taking enough time off before or when I have just got ill so it lingers on forever. And I mean FOREVER.










All the guys I have dated ever. Except Mr Knightley, he’s fine. He orders me take-away, tells me I’m beautiful when I keep saying I’m fat after eating said take-away and takes me to the hospital when I have 39º fever.


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