My favourite posts from 3 years of the Love Blog Challenge #LoveBlog2018

Over the years, myself and a group of talented bloggers have joined the Love Blog Challenge run by Brita of the Belle Brita blog. Today was the last day of this year’s challenge, and for the first time I have joined in for the whole thing. It has been a tough month, especially given my illness reaching its peak the week of Valentine’s Day, so I feel like I haven’t really celebrated the other bloggers taking part in it as much as I wish I did, so this post is my tribute to them.

Here are my favourite posts from this year’s linkup. They are wildly different in nature, but they tell stories and I really love stories, and I love to see different sides to different people and the way everyone is different from each other; different cultures, different faiths, different outlooks on life etc. If none of yours made the cut, chances are I haven’t actually read any because I was ill and it was tough to keep up with everyone’s contributions. I’ll get there eventually! I’m even nearly caught up with the week I have missed writing, too.

Despite the circumstances, I have really appreciated the opportunity to share with you all, whether you wrote blog posts you linked up or just read them, this journey throughout the month.

Promise – We Belong || Madra Sikora

When Interfaith Means Double, Not Half || Join Me in Transit

I Waited Until My Wedding Night and I’m Glad! || Enduring All Things (technically not written as part of the challenge, but linked for the “Beliefs” prompt).

Learning to Celebrate Love || Madra Sikora

A Big (Pregnancy) Announcement || Mrs Imperfect 

An Ode to Friendship: Best Friends Through the Ages || Belle Brita

7 Guilty Pleasures That I’m (Mostly) Not Ashamed Of || Provocative Joy

Why I Don’t Feel Guilty about the Small Pleasures in Life || Belle Brita

Passions; Let Your Heart Glow || Sarah nderi

5 Positive Ways to Address World Challenges || Do 5 Things A Day

And some of my favourite ones to write over the past 3 years…some of them have been really popular with readers too, but often I just really like something I write and don’t really care whether other people do too.

The Buzzfeed style 10 lessons I’ve learnt from fictional love (2016)

Eloisa to Abelard (2016)

Past Present Future (2017)

The Sense of Wonder and Delight (2018)

What I love about solitude (2018)

And with this post I wrap up the challenge for 2018. Every year, I learn a bit more about myself through the challenge. Unlike 2016 and 2017 I blogged daily, so the insight this time is even greater. I haven’t really processed it yet, and I probably won’t until I sit down to think about the prompts again next year, when one of my favourite things in the year comes again (or at least, so I hope). Blogging daily has been a challenge that, even with the best intention to schedule it all in advance, ended up with me missing a week through falling ill at the time I was meant to write them. and then still being ill (and worse) at the time they were due. It reminded me why I blogged in the first place: not to show everyone that I can keep some regular schedule, but because I have things I want to share. Writing to prompts has helped me to think creatively, but doing it in such a quick sequence has been intense, so I am still not sold on the frequent posting that many bloggers swear by. It works for them, fair enough, but this isn’t the kind of blogger I want to be. I love to re-read the things I wrote the year before and see how much I have grown, so blogging for me is really still a personal thing as we used to do in the early 2000s. I’m not sure obsessing over my stats would make me much happy, and the effort it took to keep going at such a rate of posting for even one month has make any effort in that regard unpalatable. I also feel that the nature of the challenge pushed me to talk about my relationship a lot when I’m usually very private about it. I wasn’t entirely comfortable with it, but it helped to normalise (a little) a situation that is still new and strange to me. It also made me determined to keep something of myself that is separate and just my own, and not be defined by it. It was a sudden and unexpected change, and that’s part of the reason why I talked about it so much: the first 2 years of the challenge I talked a lot about being single, and as the other bloggers were married that truly defined me, so I thought it would be interesting to explore the topics from my new state in life, just about not single anymore, but not married either. I’m now looking forward to see how my perspective will change by this time next year.

Today’s blog post has been part of the Love Blog Challenge 2018 on the subject “Favourites”. Find the rest of the series here.

Flowers and graphic saying the titles of the challenge

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  1. Hello, I accidentally stumbled upon this during a google search and Wow- thanks for the nod. I enjoyed writing and reading for the Love Blog Hop, it was my first join. I didn’t do every day though, I’m like you, that’s not my style so much- even if it may help “boost” -ah well.
    Glad to have met you and I’ll look forward to where your love journey takes you next season round.

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