What I want to achieve before the end of 2018 #ABC2018

Rory from According to Rory¬†and myself have been wanting to bring back our blogging challenge from last year, although we sadly are down from 3 to 2 this time around, but life got in the way and April became…Autumn. We will be bringing you two more blog posts, one on food (obviously) and one on the politics of the respective countries over the next 3 weeks. After such a long hiatus and relatively sporadic writing before that, having something to do with a clear deadline is a first step towards getting back in the swing of things, which is the fist thing on the list for this blog post.

Then I want to finally get around to launching my food blog, which has been in the making with little progress for a while but now that I’m taking over the Impact Hub Members’ Lunch every Friday I will have an incentive to share more of what I cook (especially after a long period of illness which meant most of my food intake was cooked by someone else…). However this can only happen once I have redone the Laurel and Yew website in the coming week, so we are now at 3 items on the list.

I am also in the thick of organising a number of exciting things for the Ethical Brand Directory, which are yet to be announced but another item on the list is to make sure they are a success and the project will start 2019 on a buzz.

Next on the list is taking part to NaNoWriMo. The official guideline is about writing fiction, but I am contemplating whether to do that and write my long-suffering novel that has been an idea for many years, or be a NaNoRebel and write my book of nonfiction, which to be fair could be turned into a research proposal for a PhD so it’s not really that urgent. At time of writing, there are stil almost 3 weeks before I have to make a decision anyway.

At the beginning of the year everyone is busy setting goals, but it’s often difficult to follow through with them, so something that is part of the answer to this question is to go back and look at what I set myself for the year and then see what can still be achieved before the sun set. As it happens, I blogged about it so the list still exists.

I have failed spectacularly at keeping the blog active and being less stressed, if anything I have been more stressed than ever thanks to a criminally incompetent GP practice I have a hard time leaving. I have done OK with regards to friends, although I still sometimes lose touch with someone for longer than I lose touch with others so there is room for improvement. Lastly, my goal of reading the Bible cover to cover in a year is going well, although I often have to catch up some days which makes me feel bad.

While not exactly a goal, I had set “rooted” as my word of the year, and I did quite well at that in many ways. While I feel uprooted in many respects, with a lot happening and changing and things being out of my control a lot, I have grown into the knowledge that, to say it with Billy Graham, I may not know what my future holds but I know who holds my future. I have taken steps outside of my comfort zone and have grown, and have realised that no matter how many times I feel inadequate, I am not that bad and in fact there are many people who think I am pretty impressive. So really all I want to achieve by the end of 2018 is remembering that truth and slay the dragons of working life to start 2019 on the right note.

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