Pathways App Update + new wellbeing stuff I love

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This has been long overdue (and if this is your first post in this series, you can read the backstory here and here). The reason for that is…make sure you have a notebook and that you don’t mind removing pages from it, or that you don’t forget to buy one whenever you go out somewhere that sells recycled paper. It’s not that I did not use the tips I learnt while not using the app, on the contrary, I still have no serious back pain despite the horrible level of migraines that the summer has unleashed on me. I have a theory: while my hernia has healed and the pain was my mind’s work, whatever triggers my migraines is still out at large. So when I tell my body that I don’t need the back pain, the pain goes. When I try the same tips on the migraines, I fail miserably and eventually reach out for the meds.

I have enjoyed the writing exercises, even if exploring trauma is nobody’s favourite passtime, and I have tried to involve more laughter in my days. Trying to keep track of what’s positive in my days has shown me just how bad my life is at the moment: no amount of optimism can change the fact that I get up, open my laptop, get work done, or lie in bed with a migraine worrying about the work that doesn’t get done. Yes, I listen to a lot of good stuff, but nothing truly good happens to a hermit. My list of 10 things I’m grateful for is so basic being stocked with medications ends up on it…who ever thinks of that? Having said that, I had a few days of no migraines with some nice plans, so not all is dark and gloomy.

I continue to use the app and hope to have news about progress with my migraines soon. In the meantime, here are a few things I’m doing for my wellbeing that I love and I think you’ll love too.

  • This soup recipe. I don’t really care about the Detox claim, it has turmeric which is good for you, and it’s a great Vegan Friday staple that makes the whole penance thing redundant (I really need to give up something other than food groups…)
  • The Anxiety Series in Live From Rest. It’s a British Christian Meditation app, there are others but I got this one because the creators are friends of a friend of mine and I trust her judgement. They have a series of prayer/meditations on anxiety that I use before bed and I have been more relaxed since. It’s a good app to use in general as well.
  • Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock. It’s not perfect, but I tried a lot of them and this is the best one so far. I rarely use the alarm, but it helps me keep track of my migraine triggers by seeing how long I’m in bed, how long and how deep I actually sleep. The only downside is I can’t put the sleep aids on the backburner while using the Podcast app and have them start once the sleep timer stops Sleep with Me, but it’s me being too demanding.
  • Purition Protein Shakes. I’ve been meaning to try it for a while but they didn’t have the Discovery box that they now have, and it happens I won in a competition. I took the dairy one, and I have reacted to them well. Most shakes taste like plastic, but this tastes really good and I can’t wait to have the big bag so I can also use the powder to make pancakes. It’s also a filling meal when I really can’t get up and cook, which at present is a big consideration (I can’t live off Greek Salads and gyros meat from Greek on the Street).

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