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New year, new me. In the year of our Lord 2020, almost 8 years after “The Angels Take Manhattan” aired on BBC 1, I am at last changing the blog branding. One of the reasons for taking so long is the sheer amount of work that it takes to change links on every listing where I am present, which always took the back seat over more pressing matters the few days of good health I have had ever since the idea came into my mind.
The joke behind the old name is only intelligible to Doctor Who fans, but was praised all around the branding industry at the time when I was looking for jobs in the sector. It feels like a lifetime ago.

Over the 8 years I have lived in London (it’s a month to the date at the time of writing), a lot of things have happened, and this online diary has allowed me to share my thoughts, make friends and even find a husband. Madness. However, as I found these people to come into my life, I have also found myself and I’ve grown closer to the woman that God meant me to be. I’ve just turned 31, so I feel like it’s a good time to move on from the youthful me and embrace the identity of this new decade. Perhaps in 10 years I will close this down, or I will use it to explore yet another side of me. Who knows, there are plenty of older bloggers around and it’s really a Millennial thing. We may grow older, but we are growing older as Millennials.

One of the reasons for the change is the closing of the chapter in politics in my life. It came at a time when I have also discerned to give priority to a ministry over my design business, but a year later I feel a lack of joy in not having that passion in my life. So, while I cannot promise I will never find something to say on current affairs, the new branding is an opportunity to align more towards lifestyle topics and bring in design under this roof. I have been working on a book proposal on this subject, as well as a cookery book that I will self-publish, so it only seems like a natural evolution for this space.

This February will be the 5th year I will co-host the LoveBlog Challenge with Belle Brita, so it seems like a good time to unveil the new brand. Rebranding is a risky business and I have given it a lot of thought. I expect to lose readers who don’t have an interest in the new topics, but I also have hope to find new ones and get to know them through this platform. I have never shied away from tackling what it means to be a woman on this blog, so I will continue to do that in the context of the new chapter in my life.
I will also give plenty of space to reflecting on what it means to be a Catholic who loves tradition but doesn’t fit in the radtrad mould. I had been looking at the possibility of turning that into a podcast but it never happened. It’s possible that it will one day, but until then it’ll remain in written word.

The choice behind the name came before the news of the passing of the late Sir Roger Scruton, a conservative philosopher and one of the great proponents of beauty in a world increasingly focused on utility, but it feels now all the more poignant. Chic is a French word that evokes beauty, elegance, poise and the kind of values that conservative women aspire to (shoutout to the Modern Lady Podcast for giving me an online community who shares this passion). As I grow out of my 20s and have to navigate a whole new, more mature, personal style without losing the things that make me me, it seems appropriate to take inspiration from the other city I love the most in the world, Paris. (Isn’t it wonderful that we have the Eurostar making travel between the two so convenient?)

A rebranding marks a new phase, but topics won’t be all that different from what I’ve published in the past year and a half, so if you are still coming here to read what I have to say I’m sure you’ll enjoy at least part of what I will be saying in the future (style and design won’t be as central here as they are in fashion and design blogs). And if this rebranding means a parting of ways, I want to thank you for being around for as long as you have been. You have made my day on many days when everything seemed gloomy.

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