How I’m using my social media in 2020

If you follow me on social media you may have seen how often I talk about the Modern Lady podcast. This post was sparked by one episode in December 2019 about the 10 years of Instagram and how trends are changing in how we use these apps. 
I’m no big fan of couples’ joint social media, I love to use them as a space to connect with people and these connections come through a degree of authenticity. Another podcast I love, Speaking with Joy, has an episode from last year (aptly titled Soul and Screens) where she explores the philosophical questions around authenticity in a mediated space, so I will leave you to hear that episode if you want to delve deeper into the subject. Here I will talk about how these discussions have inspired me in the way I related to these media which take a lot of our time. 

Before this blog rebranding, a lot of thoughts have gone into whether I should just call it a day. It would have given me the space to follow my heat-of-the-moment instincts whenever I become frustrated with social media…when you have a blog, and want to share your writings, it’s really not an option to be completely absent for these platforms unless you have a huge mailing list of devoted fans. In the end, I have seen too many good fruits from this little corner of the online world, and here we are. So I had to keep the social media accounts running and deal with minimising the anger and frustration.

Sometimes I become rather insecure about how I use the mute button on Twitter and what I am not aware of, but more often than not I am happy to have boundaries that create a more positive space. Before I started doing this, I often would feel like I would log in to broadcast rather than engage because I would be wary to read something and get angry and at times behave less than charitably when calling something out. Now, I mute things that I see, and I see far fewer similar stuff as a result, and I’m more happy to engage with what people are saying. I am not perfect, and I still get sucked up into arguments from times to times, and I’m often second-guessing whether I’ve been too harsh. 

So this is an area that I should work on, which is first on the list. Second on the list is the use of more authentic and lifestyle images. This isn’t much different from what I have done so far, but I have been tempted by the trends in blogging over the years and part of the reason I had never done that was a lack of resources. Now I have the DSLR and tripod of a photographer husband in the house, it would be a great time to get into that game, but I have decided against it. I have a neutral tone wall in my flat, but I don’t want to be that kind of Catholic blogger. 

If that’s your brand, more power to you, but if I were to do that, I’d be trying to be you rather than me. I’m as far removed from a tradwife™ as it gets, and can relate more to what male bloggers do. Rarely you’ll find the odd man who posts a lot of selfies looking all handsome and manly, but more often than not they are out of the picture, sharing either what they see or reflections. So I will be staying true to what’s going on, and only post lifestyle photos if relevant.

One thing in this area that I mean to do, though, is to become better at celebrating modest fashion. Day in and day out, something on Twitter will come out about how women should be modest and all that. Plenty of words have been said on this blog about the double standards behind modesty talk, so I won’t repeat myself, but even if I would like more light to be shone on men’s attire, I do have a relatively modest style (there is no real standard we all agree on) and I do my best to never look frumpy. I want to take ownership of how you can be modest and not be as weird as certain parts of the internet make it look like. 

I intend to delete my Facebook account as soon as I don’t need it to log into the various games I am playing in my spare time, but other than that I never use it anymore. I just don’t find anything good over there except at times some groups, which I will miss when I’m gone for good. So the places to find me in 2020 are Twitter and Instagram (or the Steam chat, where I can be found when I play some rare chaste otome that doesn’t seem to have been made as an alternative to porn). 

Today’s blog post has been part of the Love Blog Challenge 2020 on the subject “Social Media”. Find the rest of the series here

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  1. At times I do wish I didn’t need so much social media to promote my writing. I run accounts not just for Belle Brita, but for Witches Unite, and Muddling Through Together, and Wizards Unite Hub. And it’s all necessary to build my audience and share my message. Partly because I’m terrible at email marketing. 😉

    1. How do people even build an email list these days? I hardly read 1/10 of what I’m subscribed to and I’m very discerning about what I do sign up for!

  2. I’ve had these feelings too. Some days I just want to quit all social media but as we all know we need it as bloggers. I will say though that as I’ve been more diligent about setting healthy boundaries on social and about just being myself and not focusing so much on those likes and such that it’s been easier to be in these spaces. We have to figure out the best way to align ourselves in social media and online that makes sense to us and that feels true. It sounds like you are on that path!!
    I now go by the mantra for social, that I’d rather have a few likes of people that truly want to engage with me and my content than 100 ones that don’t. Quality of numbers. Including my own quality. My design, my brand tends to be a bit scattered. Every year prior, I’ve tried to fit into that one color set, one theme mold. But that’s not me. I am scattered and extremely eclectic so 2020 I’m going to let that light shine.

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