5 podcasts that I loved lately

After a month of reading my musings, I thought the final post should feature a different medium. I’m an avid podcast listener, although I don’t actually keep up with everything that is on offer out there. I mostly listen to Catholic podcasts, although I have the odd marketing or homemaking one on my list. Here are 5 recent episodes from 5 of my regular podcasts that inspired me.

The Modern Lady Podcast, “A Resolution to Be Better” (Jan 14th)
This episode tackles one of the big obsessions of every new year from a Catholic perspective. I fully sympathise with the tension between wanting to be better while accepting ourselves for who we are are image-bearers of God, and find their idea of small incremental changes that are achievable and not about changing something fundamental about ourselves to be very appealing. 

Speaking with Joy, “Church Mothers” (Feb 17th) 
Joy and guest Oliver B. Langworthy talked about the women of the Cappadocians, who were spiritual giants as much as the better-known Church Fathers. The kind of society that surrounded them all in their Christian circle inspired me to look at how networks of holy families can look like today. 

The Gathering Place, “In the Quiet Place” (Feb 21st)
I have to admit it’s difficult to make a list of inspiring podcasts and not just dump the whole list from Blessed is She, which is THE BEST. This episode, in particular, struck me for the beautiful prayer suggestions and the idea that worship is to lead us into contemplation (a misunderstanding of modern worship many people seem to have). Beth is so precious, as usual, and the stages of spiritual growth that have been a constant for me these past few days get a mention so I feel like I should pay attention to what it’s teaching us.

The Catholic Feminist, “Thriving as a Special Needs Mama” (Feb 19th)
I was in two minds about listening to this episode because I usually skip the motherhood-related ones for not being relevant to me in this stage of life, but after the mother of all fights with my husband (who has dyspraxia) I felt I could learn something from it all the same. Vania’s love for her daughter and vulnerability has made me feel like my future may not be as gloomy as I believe it was a few hours ago. 

Risking Enchantment, “Springing into the Season” (Feb 21st) 
This podcast is another one that has me gripped every episode, as the person who hosts is just very similar to me and all they talk about are things I’m passionate about (the episode from Feb 7th on Vermeer was just perfect). This episode has inspired me to look at a season I don’t really appreciate as much as others (still more than summer, mind) and see how I can enjoy it more this year.

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