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It’s Adele’s birthday, and one of the most beautiful voices in pop music in recent years is 32. She is only one year older than me, and has under her belt 120 million records sold, 15 Grammys, 18 Billboard Awards, 5 AMAs, an Oscar, a Golden Globe, the fastest-selling album in iTunes history and the best selling album of the year 4 times in a decade (according to Joe Sanders on Twitter). Still, somehow, in our diet-obsessed culture, everyone is just focusing on the fact the picture of herself she released to mark the occasion shows her significantly thinner than she has been in the past. I have all sorts of negative feelings about complimenting people for their weight loss unless you know beyond doubt that it was a goal they worked towards and tried to achieve that they want to celebrate with you. I’m all for cheering each other on and celebrating our wins, but I have also seen my mother lose at least 4 sizes to cancer and I have been dealing with disordered eating on a scale from bad relationship to full-blown ED for the best part of my life and I think it’s totally not OK to just make assumptions about weight loss being a cause for celebration. I have had more thoughts about the subject over the years, so I’ll move on to the glamour now. If you are interested in hearing more about why diet culture is wrong, you can start going down the rabbit hole with my post Is “fat” really the worst a person could be?

So, Adele is an impressive woman with an impressive career, and I feel a little guilty making a whole post about her clothes, but she has always been goals for me. Her hair is PERFECT, her signature make-up is my favourite, and I love a lot of what she wore over the years too (like, this is pretty much what I wear as normal clothes). She is stunningly beautiful and, even if I think we must move away from always complimenting women on their appearance before taking note of anything else, I’d like (just for today) to counteract the stream of focus on her new looks with my favourite styles from the course of her 12 years long career. Although, admittedly, I am loving the new dress too.

Grammys 2009

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The colour of the coat is not my favourite, but the cut makes it a favourite with me. It’s silky and has subtly puffed sleeves, a lot of luxurious details and a soft line that makes it a good companion for different styles of dresses. Every wardrobe should have one of this as an evening statement piece.

Grammys 2012 
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I am the biggest fan of a boat neck and 3/4 sleeves, so when a floor-length gown has both but also a shiny intricate pattern to take the simple silhouette to the next level, this girl is in love big time.

Golden Globes 2013
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The perfect cut for the ball at Netherfield, don’t you think? Even without a ball, I just want to get into this dress and just swing the skirt all over the place. It’s just too adorable.

Golden Globes 2016 (performance)

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The black gown she wore on the red carpet was cute too, but I would like to take a moment to admire this crimson piece of craftmanship she wore when performing. 

Grammys 2017 (George Michael tribute)

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Velvet is such an underrated fabric that I absolutely adore, and this caped gown is so beautiful and elegant in its simplicity. 

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