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I subscribed to Crunchyroll mid-July because a) Fumination wasn’t very consistent with Fruits Basket season 2 and b) the Mr Love anime was released at that point. In the month and a half since, I have made more than my money’s worth in use, having watched about twice as many series as the numbers I will post as my recommendations. I collected these 8 titles under comedy because they are funny, but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t crossover with other genres (there’s romance in most of them, and all the shojo tropes for your anime bingo cards), or that when I look at other genres they will not contain stories that are funny. It’s my value judgement of whether romance is the key driver of the plot or a ploy. I had one option that I think is right in-between comedy and romance, but for the sake of my still unbeaten perfectionism, I left it for another list. 

Nobunaga Teacher’s Young Bride 
Be warned that it can be a bit racy at times (it’s based on a seinen manga), but it’s hilarious. The story revolves around a man who is a descendant of the Nobunaga Oda who loves playing dating sims and would love nothing better than a harem situation in real life…until he gets what he wished for. The circumstances around said harem provide the comic aspect so I won’t spoil them, but the title is a bit of a giveaway if you know the basics of your Sengoku history (or Early Modern customs in Europe, the marriageable age was not that different…).

If you could make your appearance look like you’re 17 again and live high school a second time, all expenses paid, would you do it? That’s the premise of Re-LIFE, and everything that can go wrong does go wrong. I loved it so much I watched it twice already. 

My Next Life as a Villainess 
All of us Otome gamers dream of the chance of being magically transported into our favourite games (although could “Her Love in the Force” cope with two Shinonome?). But what if you get what you wished for, except not as the heroine with the promised happy ending? This is the story of how the villainess attempted to avoid her doom. I have laughed so hard at this series I have woken up my husband a fair few times…

Holmes of Kyoto 
I don’t always love things that are loosely based on Sherlock Holmes (looking at you, “Guard me, Sherlock”), but a Sherlock-like character with the sarcasm turned up a notch, based in a quaint antique shop in beautiful old town Kyoto? That, I love. I am really sad it wasn’t renewed for season 2 because not only I love the mystery side of it, but it was a really cute story all around. 

Recovery of an MMO Junkie
I have a self-deprecating sense of humour, so this story that pokes some fun at an older gamer was very relatable. It’s hard to say what it’s about without spoilers, but it’s basically about the chaos that ensues when your online and offline lives collide. Despite the title, it holds a positive view of older gamers, who tend to get a bad reputation from every corner (I mean, not that gamers as a whole fare any better…).

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun 
Can you imagine a shojo manga author who is as inept at romance as Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory? Well, someone could, and that’s the premise behind this hilarious story (another one that kept my husband awake because I couldn’t stop laughing. Don’t live in a studio flat with an insomniac if you need to sleep). The romantic element is just a ploy, although I am firmly part of a camp of the fandom that sees a couple that should have been but never was.

Kiss Him, Not Me  
This will lose me some brownie points with a fair few readers because it revolves around a harem situation where the girl is a fujoshi and the prince-type character is, in fact, an androgynous girl. It’s another series that pokes fun at aspects of life as an otaku, and it has a more nuanced view of the issue of what women look like than it would appear from the premise of the chubby girl losing a ton of weight. Sadly, the anime doesn’t go as far with the storyline as the manga, so there is something missing with regard to this issue, which is a real shame since I think it sends a really good message to young girls who’d read it. 

This sweet little series revolves around a girl who was rejected for having psychic powers who then finds herself making her first friends in a new school, but not without the required amount of drama and a pervy wannabe-boyfriend who provides 90% of the comic relief (I won’t say what her power is, but that’s what makes it funny). There’s a fair deal of character growth and stuff to think about even among the (at times borderline inappropriate) humour.

Have you watched any of these or are you planning to watch them? Let me know, I’d love to chat about them.


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