5 Favourite Supernatural Anime on Crunchyroll

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Welcome back to the Otaku corner. As we enter a new phase of lockdown that looks like we’re sleepwalking into another full lockdown, it sounded like a good time to bring you another watchlist in case the bizarre anime-loving trad subculture on Twitter has not put you off this wonderful art form. 

Fruits Basket (2019)
I don’t remember how I stumbled upon it, but it’s been the best thing to happen to me in 2020. I’ve watched the 2 seasons out at least once each and the 2001 version on top. I have dragged my husband into it too, and now we are one landlord away from owning a ginger cat named Kyo. It’s a masterpiece and if you let me go on about it I will go on about it for hours. Basically, it’s the story of a family with a curse and the adorable heroine who saves them all. It’s very dramatic but also hilarious (and the three musketeers deserve their spin-off). 

Mr Love Queen’s Choice
It’s based on the pseudo-otome game that was my gateway drug into the genre. They rushed the story a lot if you play or want to play the game, but if you’ll never play it and just want to see a strong heroine fighting against an evil secret organisation trying to usher a new age for humanity, you’ll like it enough. 

Kakuriyo – Bed and Breakfast for Spirits 
Every culture has their folk tales about ghosts and whatnot, but one where 9-tailed foxes are a thing is, of course, a favourite with me. This is the story of a human girl with supernatural powers who ends up as loan collateral for her late grandfather in the world of spirits. There are good spirits and bad spirits and some relatable ones too, but even the bad ones aren’t half as scary as the description of the angels in the book of Revelation. I still have no clue about why half the characters are named after Sengoku historical figures but at least now I know how to pronounce Hideyoshi correctly when having a rant. 

Love Tyrant 
This one is a little NSFW at times, but when have I ever put up the pretense of propriety around here? The story revolves around a Cupid-like figure who is a bit trigger happy when it comes to getting couples together, and what makes it funny is how the story makes fun of all of the clich├ęs around anime from a guy’s perspective. Seiji just wants a normal relationship but finds himself in a complicated love quadrangle (many boys’ dream) with girls who are just extreme versions of the classic romantic interest tropes (and by extreme I mean extreme). 

I have yet to figure out why the title, but this is a story about teenagers for whom puberty means a superpower trying to keep themselves and others out of reach from an evil research group. It has some very deep themes but also funny moments.

Honorary mention: Kotoura-san & Re-Life
These two come from the Comedy round-up, but since they have a sort of supernatural theme (Kotoura-san has a superpower, Re-Life involves a pill that makes you appear younger), I thought I’d give them a shout again for those who may not have read the previous post. 

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