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It’s the last day of the month and the last day of the year, although it honestly feels like it was yesterday that we started 2020 and the fact we’re starting a new one in lockdown makes it quite hard to feel like we are entering a new year after all. Still, it is the 31st of December and so Rory and I are bringing you our monthly post about all things Harry Potter and related. This month’s topic is our favourite non-canon couple. Years ago I read an amazing fan fiction that I was never able to find again when I tried, and I guess that might be a big part of why my choice for today is Dramione (if it’s not clear enough, Draco and Hermione). Here are my top 3 reasons why I love this pairing, in no particular order.

They challenge each other’s prejudices 
They’re the two best wizards in their year at Hogwarts. One was raised in an environment that prizes blood purity above all else, the other was raised in the non-magical world and isn’t too keen on people like him. She is also the kind of person who thinks she is better than everyone else, but he is at her level. A romance between them forces them to face the things they take for granted in their life and push themselves out of their comfort zone to find a new reality where that love can grow as they grow, and that to me is the best kind of romance in literature. 

They’re in different houses 
I’m not repeating myself here with the prejudices against Slytherin etc. I mean quite practically they do not reside in the same part of the castle and have fewer chances to be around each other than a romance with one of the two best friends she has in the 7 books, which really just comes out of familiarity and being around each other a lot because otherwise it makes no sense that she ever married Ron when she had the twins nearby. Dating across a massive castle requires intentionality rather than just hanging out because you are literally in the same space all the time. I like that. 

She would have saved him from himself
I may still be riding the wave of Zero’s route in Ik√©men Revolution, and honestly Lancelot was also a bit like that too, and Edgar’s of course (I see a pattern there), but I am a bit of a sucker for stories where the love of a strong woman makes a difference. Of course the reason this relationship isn’t canon is that 90% of what J.K. Rowling wrote would not exist if it had been canon, because it would have forced either of them to turn on everything they ever knew to be with the other one, and I can’t imagine Hermione being the one who turns into a Deatheater. 

Bonus reason: Tom Felton and Emma Watson would have looked so good together in the films. 
This is not a real reason why I like the pairing but since we have had casting for these two characters I might as well point out that I think they look good together.

This time around the post is short and sweet. I don’t really have much in terms of resolutions and words for the year because of how 2020 was. One of them is to be a bit better at running this blog, though, so we shall see. At any rate, I hope that 2021 is brighter for you than the year we’re just ending. 

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