8 Comedy Anime Favourites on CrunchyRoll

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I subscribed to Crunchyroll mid-July because a) Fumination wasn’t very consistent with Fruits Basket season 2 and b) the Mr Love anime was released at that point. In the month and a half since, I have made more than my money’s worth in use, having watched about twice as many series as the numbers I will post as my recommendations. I collected these 8 titles under comedy because they are funny, but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t crossover with other genres (there’s romance in most of them, and all the shojo tropes for your anime bingo cards), or that when I look at other genres they will not contain stories that are funny. It’s my value judgement of whether romance is the key driver of the plot or a ploy. I had one option that I think is right in-between comedy and romance, but for the sake of my still unbeaten perfectionism, I left it for another list. 

Nobunaga Teacher’s Young Bride 
Be warned that it can be a bit racy at times (it’s based on a seinen manga), but it’s hilarious. The story revolves around a man who is a descendant of the Nobunaga Oda who loves playing dating sims and would love nothing better than a harem situation in real life…until he gets what he wished for. The circumstances around said harem provide the comic aspect so I won’t spoil them, but the title is a bit of a giveaway if you know the basics of your Sengoku history (or Early Modern customs in Europe, the marriageable age was not that different…).

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Book Review: Reinventing Hannah by Jack Ori

Reinventing Hannah bookIt is a great pleasure and privilege to bring to you all today a review of the latest novel by my dear friend Jack Ori. I promise it’ll be an objective review, I would have already met my obligation as a supportive friend by buying and reading the novel if I did not think it worth telling others about. So the fact I’m writing about it is because I would write about it even if the author had been a stranger. I am relating the facts around our long-standing friendship for two reasons: I’d feel weird writing formally about him instead of using the given name like if I talked about a stranger, and because it explains why I read a young adult (YA) novel at the age of 31 when it isn’t really a genre I have read since I was the target audience (and didn’t expect to read until I was vetting books for my own child, if any).  The review may contain some general spoilers around themes touched but none that would ruin your enjoyment of the plot. 

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“Silence” by Martin Scorsese and the silence of Holy Saturday

The film adaptation of the 1966 novel “Silence” by Shūsaku Endō has been out for a really long time, but I missed it in the cinema and I then didn’t really know whether to watch it because of the reactions to it. As I had 3 hours to fill on Holy Saturday, and my husband had not seen it either, we decided to go ahead. It seemed like a fitting subject for a day that, liturgically, is about the silence of God when in the tomb. Contrary to Twitter’s opinion that I have a celebrity crush on Adam Driver, I had no idea he was in it. I knew Liam Neeson and Andrew Garfield were, and in fact, I was more than aware of what the latter was saying at the time about the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola. It was the first time I felt like I should do them (I still haven’t). This post contains spoilers of the story, so go ahead at your risk. 

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5 Otome Games I’m Playing During Lockdown

I first got into Otome this past July, when I saw Mr Love: Queen’s Choice advertised in my colouring app. I then got more into it when ill this past winter: Otome games (also known as Otoge) are based around easy to follow stories of varying complexity, which are read in short dialogues. They provide the entertainment of stories, the slightly more active engagement of a book compared to a film or TV series, and it’s not as demanding as reading long paragraphs. Most of them are for iPad, and they come with time limitation (unless you spend money on them, more on this later), which is why I have this many apps simultaneously. I have 3 games I played in January on my laptop which don’t have this limitation and I will add them to the list even if I haven’t played them again while in lockdown. 

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When healing doesn’t come

Warning: this post contains spoilers of the film “Until Forever”

I have always admired the faith of the woman who touched Jesus’s cloak. Even after 12 years of unexplained illness and trying all she could to find an answer, she didn’t give up. She believed that this time was the time, and that even as little as touching the cloak of Jesus would be enough to heal her. And she was healed. It really was enough. (Matthew 9:20–22, Mark 5:25–34, Luke 8:43–48)

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